Question 1
What makes your cargo management system better than others?
What makes our system superior to our competitors is our patented dove-tailed track.  Unlike other systems, our rails allow you to glide
freely along the entire length of your bed.  As opposed to our competitors series of locking "points" that only limit you.    

Question 2
What do I need to start my load locker system?
All you need are tracks (side rails) to start your Load Locker system. Just choose a rail to start. Truck and trailer rails are not the same, so
make sure you pick out the right one for your vehicle.  You can easily cut them with a hacksaw for custom sizing. Once the rails are
installed, just add any of the sliding components that best fit your needs to lock your cargo in.  We recommend buying our Carry Case
which contains two 2x4 Slide Mounts and two Tie-downs.  Its the perfect way to store your components and fits easily behind a truck
Question 3
How do I know this will fit my truck?
We have considered all makes and models and have approached a solution in two ways; First, the load braces and cargo gate are
offered in mid-size and full-size versions.  Second, both products utilize spring-loaded extensions that provide 6 inches of flexibility
because we know that not every truck bed is straight.

Question 4
How do I know this will fit my trailer?
We have considered all makes and models. We offer the Load Brace in 6 sizes, each using spring-loaded extensions that provide 6" of
flexibility to guarantee a sure fit for any trailer.

Question 5
Can I install a Load Locker on something else besides a truck or trailer?
Absolutely. We thought of that too, send us some pictures of your installation. It just might make a spot on our custom solutions page.

Question 6
Can I install a Load Locker system on my truck that has a tri-fold tonneau cover?
You cannot install a Load Locker system on a truck that has a tonneau cover as the Load Locker rails attach to the inside of the bed rails.
The clamps for the tonneau cover prevent you from using the Load Locker system along the full bed of the truck.

Question 7
What is side-to-side locking?
If you're like us, you demand ultimate cargo security.  For that reason, we have incorporated out patented dove-tailed track into our Load
Brace and Cargo Gate as well.  This allows for, what we call side-to-side locking capability.  Components can now slide onto the Load
Brace, Cargo Gate and front rail to lock cargo in from all 4 sides.  For a visual, the image at the top right of this page shows how we used
a Slide Mount to secure a washing machine in.  Also, be sure to check out our Barrel Braces if you frequently haul drums, barrels, or any
other oddly shaped cargo.
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